At Mirmac Interiors we are proud of having over 40 years of experience
in the interior furnishings business.


Our expertise is not product specific but we have a team that is familiar with all aspects of a commercial project from design and costing to manufacturing, execution and delivery.  
We have a variety of clients from different sectors including bars, restaurants, hotels, retail stores, office spaces, schools and colleges. The diversity of our clients has allowed us to develop extensive experience on a wide range of interior items from soft furnishings and upholstery to furniture and bespoke joinery.    

We are always looking to excel in everything we do, and that is why we are also proud of working not only with a highly trained team of upholsterers, seamstresses and craftsmen but also with some of the latest technologies and manufacturing processes in the industry. 


Our involvement in different size projects, working alongside Project Managers, Business Owners, Architects and Interior Designers has helped us understand and handle with professionalism the pressures and high standards of the commercial market. We always work with products that meet commercial specification requirements, in order to comply with British Standards, Building Regulations, Child Safety legislation, etc.  

Working alongside our clients is the key to our success.


We are able to meet specific budgets and time scales, offering value engineering solutions to overcome project's financial challenges, as well as offering technical advice in order to aid the design process.  
If you have any projects you would like to discuss please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Our Clients



“Service and attention to detail is always superb and even in the most difficult of circumstances”



“They offer us a great service, are very reliable and always committed and proactive”

Nanny Brow
“It’s a delight working
with a family that still believes in putting the customer first”

Dream Lodge


“The quality of their products are amazing... and the level of service is outstanding”